We are a edible crystal shop that comes from culture
Japanese and known as Kohakutou.

This term means crystal candies, attributed to their ability to produce sound
Asmr when we crunch them.

These are craft confectionery based on fresh fruit purees and algae
Vegetable navies.

The texture of our edible crystals is similar to that of the fruit paste.
The outside of our crystals gives them a crisp side due to the crystallization of
sugar and gives them a real crystal appearance.

For the creation of our edible crystals, we use fresh fruit purees
which allow us to obtain a little sweet and entirely natural treat.

Our edible crystals are packed carefully by hand in boxes with
"Eco friendly" recycled cardboard jewelry and FSC certified.


We use vegetable seaweed to make our candies accessible to

Gluten free

The fruit purees we use do not contain additives or
conservative and have no type of cereals, which allows us to create
gluten -free pastries.


We seek to reduce our carbon emissions using the services


Add a touch of glamor to your wedding with Our edible crystals Hand -made, which will bring unequaled elegance to your celebration.

Our history

Quartz Boutique was born almost by play, from the idea of ​​uniting the immaculate beauty of precious stones with culinary art. Each crystal, each gem with its unique colors and shapes, has always deeply fascinated.

Gift ideas

Our edible crystals are made to be shared and which says sharing also says
gift !
Whether during a dinner organized for your friends, for your gifts
Wedding guests or simply to wish a happy birthday to a loved one, our confectionery lend themselves to any type of event thanks to their
Packaging that makes them look like real jewelry.

Quartz Rewards

Create an account and start combining quartz loyalty points with each purchase.
You can then use these points to have discounts on your
future orders.